Mark Voss is a Washington, D.C.-based photographer specializing in travel, educational, cultural, humanitarian, and fine art projects.

Project clients include The U.S. Department of State, American Research Center in Egypt, The University of Arizona, American Councils for International Education, Save Venice, Inc., Noor Majan Arabic Institute, The International Rescue Committee, Coptic Orphans, Destination Iran Tour Services, and Arizona Opera.

Mark's  work has appeared in JPG Magazine, W Magazine, El Imparcial, National Review, LinkTV, and in Middle East Studies Association publications. 
The University of Arizona's Center for Middle Eastern Studies routinely selects  Mark's work for its annual exhibitions, and his photographs form part of the Center's permanent collection.

Mark works and travels extensively throughout the Middle East and North Africa, and his primary mission is to connect disparate peoples and cultures through his photography and foster greater understanding between them.

He is proficient in Arabic, Italian, and French; and he has a working knowledge of Turkish and Persian.
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